With our advanced formula, Vebix become no.1 deodorant cream in Egypt and middle east.

Vebix stand out with its ultimate effect as it eliminates bad odour causes, this gives the user freshness all day without clogging pores.
Vebix formulated from natural ingredients gives you the safety and become suitable for sensitive skin and sensitive area.

Vebix Max

A 7-day Formula that prevents the formation of bacteria responsible for odorous sweat, this formula does not block pores, allowing your skin to breathe freely.

Vebix Lite

Clinically prepared for sensitive skin, our 3-day formula uses natural ingredients to fight odorous bacteria without causing skin discoloration.

Vebix Roll-On

Clinically formulated in Italy, Vebix roll-on is a 48hr (2 days) suitable for all skin types & does not cause discoloration.