Misr Pyramid Group provides top of the market range of fresh product. The quality is our responsibility, and we take our motto to heart in all that we do from beginning stages of planting all the way to storage & shipping.


Orange provides the main bulk of the fruit-line. We integrate HACCP, Global GAP, ISO 22000 and OHASES 18001 in all processes of plantation, handling, packing & shipping.
Navel, Valencia, Baladi & Shamouti oranges are available from December to May

Available Packages:
8kg / 15kg telescopic carton
8kg / 15kg open-top carton

Pyramids for Agro-Industries was founded in 2003 as an exporter for citrus fruits, grapes, pomegranates & onions. Ever since our inception, we have managed to garner an international reputation for high quality foods and we are a leader in the exportation of citrus fruits among the Egyptian packing houses and exporters.

Packing House

The packing house is located in Abo Hammad, sharkia-Egypt, where our privately owned 18,000m² facility is equipped with two fully automatic production lines maintaining high-quality products for exportation. These automatic lines sort, categorize, group, size and wax all types of citrus fruits. Seasonally, the packing house reaches a catpacity of 35,000 tons of citrus fruits and around 15,000 tons of orange juice.

The packing house also has three cold storage units totaling 3,000m² and a pre-cooling unit to guarantee optimal freshness.


Pyramids privately owns 400 hectares of orange farms in Sharkia & the Sinai area, producing up to 15,000 tons of Navel & Valencia oranges per year.

Pyramids oranges are rewarded for their high-quality and are considered to be one of the top Egyptian oranges specializing in exportation.

GLOBALGAP has certified Pyramids farms for many years. This certification is renewed on a yearly basis.


Adhalia lemons are available from December to May

Available Packages:
15kg telescopic carton