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Who We Are

MPG is the home of quality products. Established in 1986 we have both the experience and heritage of the Egyptian market as we have been providing a wide array of products for over 30 years. Branching into a variety of sectors such as cosmetics, detergents, Agriculture and lighting, MPG has expanded into numerous fields to meet the expectations of every growing market in Egypt and beyond. Through constant research and development of new products and lines of business, MPG has the ability to become a global organization that delivers excellence to the international community.

Our Mission

Providing quality Egyptian products domestically and internationally, MPG wishes to expand in the FMCG, agricultural, and electrical appliance sectors. MPG is committed to reaching out to all regions and cultures with a base of manufacturing and production in Egypt, and to provide the world with the MPG’s experience and knowledge of products.

Our Vision

MPG has one eye on our heritage and the other in the future. As for MPG, we seek growth and quality product development within our enterprise to meet the standards of the future.

Our Company Value


If I can do it, I will do it! We pride in our ability to give the best of ourselves in every element of our organization.

Team Work

Together we accomplish more. We believe in the family that is MPG and that together harmony is reached through everyone.


Honesty is the best policy! We keep customers satisfied with our best quality and efficient process.


We value our team, and we ensure an environment to keep individual passionate and eager to always give their best.

Culture of Excellence

We care to be the best in everything we accomplish, and for our development and growth to continue as we excel and move to the future.

Our Managment Team

ENG. Hamdy Soliman


A pioneer ahead of his time, our chairman and founder Hamdy Soliman founded MPG in 1985 and developed it as seen today. With more than 35 years in the field of industry, he still pushes for more development, expansion, and portfolio enlargement. His love for Egypt has driven him to push for that growth as well as consulting key institutions in the chemical, investment, and agricultural sectors. Hamdy is the main factor in creating MPG’s history and heritage and will continue to be the main factor in developing MPG’s future.

Mr. Tarek Hamdy Soliman

Vice Chairman

Operating under all MPG’s departments for the previous 30 years, Tarek now holds the role of MPG’s Vice Chairman. With numerous years of experience, Tarek has a deep knowledge of MPG’s operation and structure, as well as a strategic mindset that helps him guide the group to the desired milestones. Tarek developed the business efficiently in a few years and helped to introduce new business opportunities into MPG. With one foot rooted in Egypt, Tarek alongside the MPG team is working to expand this growth and become a key regional and international player in the FMCG market.

Mr. Ahmed Hamdy Soliman

Vice Chairman

Developing under the umbrella of MPG for the past two decades, Ahmed is the Vice Chairman at MPG, he is a crucial leader in the growth of MPG brands and branches as he has helped initiate the detergent and electronics branches of MPG and continues to strategically steer brands into their key market segments. Now, Ahmed works extensively to guide MPG into international markets with an operational background to help MPG’s regional growth.

Dr. Ashraf mamdouh 

Chief Executive Officer

Demonstrated ability to streamline business operations that drive growth, increase efficiency and bottom-line profit, Dr. Asharf has had years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, operation management, strategic planning, and sales management. This has made him a valuable and experienced asset in the market, and with his role as our General Manager, Dr. Ashraf aligns and oversees the strategic planning of numerous departments in the group along with its regional 1200 employees.

Mr. Yasser Abou El Senoon

Chief Business Officer

With 25 years of FMCG experience in the GCC, Levant and the Egyptian market, Yasser plays a crucial role in the decision making at MPG. Decisions for our products across all departments are his forte, in which he harmonizes strategies to complete production and sales cycles. Yasser is the pivotal new addition to MPG in helping create a uniform structure and aid the development and growth of MPG.

ENG. Ahmed hassan 

Group Supply Chain Director

An experienced professional with over 10 years of experience in Logistics, Warehousing, Distribution & Planning with hands-on experience in design, development, operational implementation & process development. Ahmed’s current role makes sure that the movement of our products is smooth and efficient to be available to the local market and our clients worldwide.

Mrs. Rehab Abouzied

Head of Marketing

With numerous experience taking brands to the next level, Rehab’s abilities as our Head Of Marketing is maximizing the exposure of our brands to excel in the market. Work in Real-estate, Hospitality, and FMCG industries has helped Rehab understand consumer’s habits. With a strategic mindset, she is taking the MPG name to different sectors in the public to ascertain MPG’s growing goals and objectives. Rehab has developed through different roles along with the growth of MPG which is determined in being a part of MPG’s successful future.

Word from the Chairman
Eng. Hamdy Soliman

MPG provides a community where people of all cultures can work together in harmony. Since its inception in 1986, MPG has proven to be one of the fastest growing FMCG companies in Egypt, with consistent double digit annual growth rates.

We believe that the secrets to success are honesty, responsibility, respect and, above all, passion. Because we always put our customers first, we have been able to establish, MPG as a responsible and successful partner in the Egyptian business market and have yielded consistent favorable rewards to our private shareholders.

Our team are committed to and believe in our values, and are constantly moving forward to improve our operating efficiency, expand our presence, and further develop our business portfolio.

With one eye on our heritage and the other on our future, MPG will continue to grow as we learn more about our customers’ needs through our research and development programs and are able to respond by diversifying our products to best cater to their needs.

We take pride in our products and believe that consumer insight, value for money, quality and shareholder responsibility ultimately lead to satisfied consumers.