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Pyramids exists in Egyptian market for over than 35 years in field of personal care products as a manufacturers and distributors which gives us a great experience in this industry , with continues search for the most updated machines and technologies in our field, that’s why pyramids became one of the top ranked companies in the Egyptian market and first choice for our current clients and for new local and abroad companies who wants to produce their products with :

  • High manufacturing process.
  • High Quality in raw and packaging materials.
  • Efficiency.
  • Commitment. 
  • Continues R&D:

We always try to be updated with latest researches and development  in field of personal care to provide our clients with updated formulas and high quality ingredients. 

Product registrations and regulatory:

We provide the service of whole process registering new product files in Egyptian ministry of health on behalf of our clients.

Designs & packaging:

Pyramids also provides products designs that we have in house designers, and due to our great experience in manufacturing for over 35 years pyramids has a wide network for all packaging suppliers local and abroad.

Integrated Value Chain

Pyramids upholds its value chain to the highest standards



  • Outline product specifications
  • Best practice ingredient procurement
  • Quality assurance & control
  • SMART contract negotiations on behalf of our partners
  • Project management
  • Technical transfer & troubleshooting

Research & Development

  • Quality management
  • Research & innovation


  • Quality Control
  • Production optimization
  • Packaging sourcing & production: bottles, jars, tubes, and sachets.
  • Warehousing